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Our main office is located in Arequipa

Visit Arequipa -Peru, take a City Tour, a Bus Tour or go trekking, rafting in the Colca Canyon and Cotahuasi Canyon. Or more adventurous: take the climbing tours to: Misti, Chachani, Coropuna, Ampato, the expeditions to the origen of the Amazone river Mismi. Besides this, a full day hiking in the Arequipa outskirts, biking tours and horse riding tours are available at any time.
Colca Canyon tours 2 days bustour
Book you two days Colca Tour and visit one of the deeepest canyons in the world in its classical way, you have the choise to take since the most basic accomodation until the most luxurious hotel In Colca Canyon, see our list bellow and decide your price and confort. More
Colca Canyon tours 2 days, bustour ending in Puno
This Tour is the best way to save time, go direct from Colca Canyon to Puno and avoid being in the same round for 6 hrs, visit Arequipa and then after Colca go to sleep to Puno. Only in private service; email us for prices which depends on number of participants and on the quality of accomodation.More
Colca Canyon tours Full day bustour
A full day trip to visit the Colca Canyon, This is the Best way when you dont have time in Arequipa, Enjoy one of the deepest canyons in the world with its nice and happy local people. More
Colca Canyon Trekking 2 days
The Colca Canyon Trek of two days for hikers with some level of trek, who don't have time and they want to reach the bottom of the canyon; the two days the hikers have early wake ups.The first day trek is around 7 hours with trails down hill, flat and up hill, second day trek 3 hours up hill. More
Colca Canyon Trekking 3 days
This trek is more recommended because you have more time to enjoy the views and going slow taking pictures. The level of this hiking is easy. The first day de Colca trek is around 3 ½ hours, second day trek is 4 ½ hours and the last day 3 hours. The trail is down hill-flat and up hill altitudes from 3300 till 1900 m.a.s.l. No acclimatization is necessary. More
Cotahuasi Canyon Trekking hiking
Cotahuasi Canyon is well known for its great panoramic views this trek is a mix of fantastic sceneries that the north part of Cotahuasi Canyon can offer (we pass through the highest and longest hung bridge of Arequipa, visiting geological rock formations, Inca and pre -Inca ruins, local textile factory, hot springs and more, besides we gonna have some stops to see the pethrogliphs of Toro Muerto and the dinosaurios footprint for lunch we have the option to eat shrimps. Come join us...!
Climbing Misti Volcano 5825 mt, 2 days
Misti Volcano an active one is a perfect volcanic cone sits right above Arequipa . It is climbed very often. There is no water on the mountain except at the Aguada Blanca reservoir. There is usually no snow either. The mountain is another that was climbed by the Incas. Many routes are commonly used. More
Climbing Chachani Mountain 6075 mt, 2 days
Climbing Chachani Mountain a complex massif with many summits but very little snow. the transport drops us at 5000m. From this altitude, we walk up to the 5400m where we have our main camping site. Second day we reach the top (6075m) in 7 hours aprox. More climb other Mountains in Arequipa here
Horse Back Riding Tours In Arequipa
Duration: Full or half day also possible to to take per hours , We leave from Sabandia. Entering the town of Yumina appears the andean terraces from the time of the Incas, where the townspeople grow their potatoes, maize, carrots, alfalfa and onions. We shall see the Yunta and observe the variety of cattle in the area. During the trip you will appreciate the impressive form of the volcanoes El Misti and Chachani. More
Toro Muerto Tours In Arequipa
164 km / 102 miles northwest of Arequipa, Toro Muerto petrogliphes consists of a group of carvings spread out over 5 km2 / 2 miles2. The majority of them are representations of human beings, animals, and plants, as well as geometric designs that seem to have been carved with sharpened stones. More
Arequipa City Tour / Colca Canyon (4 Days / 3 Nights)
Enjoy Arequipa 4 days, the Santa Catalina Convent and visit Colca cayon in a Bus tour 2 days: PRICE PER PERSON IN DOUBLE ROOM SINCE : 90.00 USD.More
Arequipa city Tour / 3 Days trek in the Colca Canyon (5 Days / 3 Nights)
Enjoy Santa Catalina Convent and the white City them go on the 3 days trek to reach the bottom of the canyon, It is an amaizing trek PRICE PER PERSON IN DOUBLE ROOM SINCE : 125.00 USD More


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