ACT-E06 Country Side TOUR AREQUIPA- Tour Campiña AREQUIPA


Arequipa Ideal please for aclimatization, nice weather, people and views. Go out side of Arequipa, 10 km and enjoy the magic of this city, especially when you have only one day in the city or you are not going to the Colca Canyon.


The departures for this tour is available in the morning or afternoon. We pick you up at your hotel to start the tour.

In the Countryside Tour we visit the follow places:

-Yanahuara Lookout
2 km from downtown Arequipa. It was built in the nineteenth century and is composed of a series of sillar stone arches where the words of famous Arequipa citizens have been engraved. This spot is a wonderful view point of the city and MountMisti volcano.

8 km from Arequipa. Wide terraces and three volcanoes, the Misti, the Chachani, and the Pichu Pichu, provide the scenery around this traditional town. Some of the houses still preserve characteristic styles of the Viceroyalty or of the nineteenth century Republicanism. A recreational area with two swimming pools that use the cold river waters of the surrounding region has been built.

-Molino de Sabandía (Sabandía Mill)
Located in Sabandía distric constructed in 1785, it represents the typical architecture of the zone where the use of sillar stone predominates. It is characterized by solid supports and rustic balconies. Stone grinding wheel techniques for wheat processing can be viewed here as well.

-Mansión del Fundador (Founder's Mansion)
It is located 9 km from Arequipa built with sillar stone at the edge of a cliff, it is one of the most important and traditional mansions or houses in the department. According to the story, Garcí Manuel de Carbajal, founder of Arequipa , had it built for his son. Later, in 1785, Mr. Juan Crisóstomo de Goyeneche y Aguerreverre was its proprietor and remodeled it, giving it the distinguished characteristics that can be seen today. The main entrance is composed of a foyer with an arched ceiling, followed by a wide principal patio over which the windows and doors of the bedrooms open.

-District of Tiabaya and Sachaca
It is located 10 km from Arequipa. The valley is completely agricultural and is believed to have been inhabited by the ethnic groups of the Kuntis from Cabana, the Yanahuaras, and the Chumbivilcas. On November 8th, 1870 , it was given the title of “city” and is famous for its rustic restaurants.


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