Bird Watching Arequipa:


Peru is one of the seven countries with more megadiversity in the world; this biological richness is conserved in Peru through the establishment of natural protected areas, which are organized through the National System of Protected Areas (SINANPE). Who has 57 protected natural areas that cover 12.91% of the whole Peruvian territory.

Birdwatching interest and commitment regarding the protection of the species and their environment turn them into visitors who value the protected natural areas and the subsequent conservation efforts. It is within this framework that birdwatching, as a low impact tourist activity and with the potential to motivate local communities to conserve natural areas.

In Arequipa There are areas usually visited by birdwatchers that are attracted by the great biodiversity of birds. Places like : The national reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca as well as the Lagunas de Mejía National reserve, the Colca Canyon and Cotahuasi Canyon are known for the diversity of species and easy access in Arequipa .

Three of the world's six species of flamingoes can be found in Peru , the most flamingo species seen in any country on Earth (but tied with Bolivia , Chile , and Argentina ). In some cases the most common of the three, the Chilean Flamingo, can be seen in flocks of hundreds or even a few thousand quite close to cities. However There are hundreds or thousands of Chilean Flamingoes, as well as small numbers of the other two, the James's and the Andean Flamingoes, in the extensive salt flats known as "Aguada Blanca", about two hours northeast of the white city of Arequipa .

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