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Tours in the Arequipa region.

There is a wide variety of tours that you can do in and around Arequipa. Of course it is possible to make combinations of these tours, or to modify them to your request. For example: you can change the Colca Canyon bustour into a tour with private transportation.

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Prices available 2017.

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Description Price per person
Colca Canyon Bus Tour, duration 1 day. Perfect if you don't have much time, but still want to see the deepest canyon in the world and the condors. Tourcode: ACT-E01. US$ 38,=
Colca Canyon Bus Tour, duration 2 days. Enjoy the highlands, the condors, the terraces of the Andes and the thermal springs of Chivay. Tourcode: ACT-E02. US$ 38,= / US$ 145,=

Colca Canyon Bus Tour, 2 days, starting in Arequipa and ending in Puno. The same as tour ACT-E02, but this tour ends in Puno. Perfect to save time. Tourcode: ACT-E03.
Colca Canyon Bus tour, 2 days, starting in Puno and ending in Arequipa. The same as tour ACT-E02, but this tour starts in Puno and ends in Arequipa. Perfect to save time. TOURCODE: ACT-E03b.

*Shared group: US$ 85,= / US$ 195,=

*Private service on request

Toro Muerto Tour, duration 1 day. A visit to the petrogliphes of Toro Muerto, followed by a view to the dinosaur footprints. Tourcode: ACT-E04. On request
City Tour Arequipa, duration 3 hours. A great way to start your visit to Arequipa, showing some of the most interesting views of The White City. Tourcode: ACT-E05. US$ 35,=
Horse back riding Arequipa, duration 4 hours. The original way to know the region around Arequipa: a horse ride! Tourcode: ACT-E06 US$ 40,=
Colca Canyon Trek, duration 2 days. For those with some experience in trekking, who want to reach the bootom of the Colca Canyon and with just a little time. Tourcode: ACT-D01 US$ 75,=
Colca Canyon Trek, duration 3 days. The same as tour ACT-D01 but with more time to enjoy the magnificent views of the Colca Canyon. Tourcode: ACT-D02. US$ 89,=

Colca Canyon Trek, duration 4 days .

On request
Cotahuasi Canyon Trekking, duration 5 days. One of the ultimate trekking destinations in Peru, with unforgettable views in a quiet surrounding. FOr trekking fans a "must do" tour. Tourcode: ACT-D04. On request
Misti Volcano Climbing, duration 2 days. The view in Arequipa is dominated by the Misti Volcano, this is your chance to climb it! Tourcode: ACT-B05 On request
Chachani Volcano climbing, duration 2 days. Just outside the city there is your opportunity to climb the Chachani Volcano, with an altitude of more than 6.000 metres! Tourcode: ACT-B03 On request
Chili River Rafting, duration ½ day. Take a ride in a boat on the river that flows from the Andes through Arequipa. Great rapids, superb views guaranteed! Tourcode: ACT-A05 US$ 35,=
Majes River Rafting, duration 1 day. Two and a half hours driving from Arequipa you will find one of the best rafting places of South Peru. Bring dry clothes... Tour code: ACT-A03 On request
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